Amazing New Skin Care Products Made From Dead Sea Salt

I was recently introduced to a revolutionary new line of skin care products. As it happened to me, a friend at the local coffee shop I like to go to started telling me about how excited they were about a new product they found that does miracles to peoples skin, and is made mainly with mud and salt  from the Dead Sea. Personally I have great skin, and was not particularly interested in this for myself, but it happened that my mom was coming to visit me from the mainland in only a weeks time. My mom is now 78 years old and although she has looked young her whole life, in recent years time has started to catch up to her. Not surprisingly she is aware, but is not a huge fan of this fact.

Although I wasn’t interested in skin care for myself, when I started seeing before and after photos of people my friend from the coffee shop knew that had tried these products, I couldn’t help but be amazed, and I decided I would have to see if my mom had any interest in them. After all, the pictures I was shown, which I will try to get a hold of and post here, showed a night and day difference in peoples skin. I saw older people whose wrinkles virtually disappeared,  and photos of younger people with acne or psoriasis in one set of photos, and perfect skin in the second set that were only after a month of use. Again the pictures I saw were too impressive to describe and expect people to believe, so I will try to get my hands on them so that I can re-post them here.

As it turned out my mom was very interested in a natural skin care product that could produce such results, and agreed to be a guinea pig for me to experiment on with these products. I ordered for her, one of the basic product regimes, and got her to start using them about a week ago. The results I have seen in her are stunning and unavoidably obvious at the same time. In just a weeks time I can see a dramatic change in the wrinkles and lines in her face and neck. I did take my own before pictures and will continue to take pictures of her every week for a month. At the end of that month I will post them all here as well in order to share what I am seeing with all of you.

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