Amazing New Skin Care Products Made From Dead Sea Salt

I was recently introduced to a revolutionary new line of skin care products. As it happened to me, a friend at the local coffee shop I like to go to started telling me about how excited they were about a new product they found that does miracles to peoples skin, and is made mainly with mud and salt  from the Dead Sea. Personally I have great skin, and was not particularly interested in this for myself, but it happened that my mom was coming to visit me from the mainland in only a weeks time. My mom is now 78 years old and although she has looked young her whole life, in recent years time has started to catch up to her. Not surprisingly she is aware, but is not a huge fan of this fact.

Although I wasn’t interested in skin care for myself, when I started seeing before and after photos of people my friend from the coffee shop knew that had tried these products, I couldn’t help but be amazed, and I decided I would have to see if my mom had any interest in them. After all, the pictures I was shown, which I will try to get a hold of and post here, showed a night and day difference in peoples skin. I saw older people whose wrinkles virtually disappeared,  and photos of younger people with acne or psoriasis in one set of photos, and perfect skin in the second set that were only after a month of use. Again the pictures I saw were too impressive to describe and expect people to believe, so I will try to get my hands on them so that I can re-post them here.

As it turned out my mom was very interested in a natural skin care product that could produce such results, and agreed to be a guinea pig for me to experiment on with these products. I ordered for her, one of the basic product regimes, and got her to start using them about a week ago. The results I have seen in her are stunning and unavoidably obvious at the same time. In just a weeks time I can see a dramatic change in the wrinkles and lines in her face and neck. I did take my own before pictures and will continue to take pictures of her every week for a month. At the end of that month I will post them all here as well in order to share what I am seeing with all of you.

Is the Floracopeia Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser Right for You?

A Great Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser

If you ever considered purchasing an ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser, you should know Floracopeia is a leader in the industry of aromatherapy products.

Their products are organic and are produced from all over the world, providing the best quality in the industry of aromatherapy. Floracopeia is committed to only offering top quality oils. Proof of that commitment is in the way they were established.

The founder, David Crow, set up Floracopeia for its ecological benefits, preserving the wisdom of using botanicals, alleviating poverty in poor countries by using crops that were highly valued and pushing the belief that many plants can be used for medicinal purposes.

His hard work paid off as the popularity of using diffusers to maintain a healthy and well-balanced life has grown by leaps and bounds.

Product Features

 For anyone interested in purchasing an ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser, Floracopeia has the best that money can buy you.

Among the product features are:

  • A one-piece nozzle and cover that can be angled towards any direction and turns completely around
  • A remote control with touch-sensitive buttons
  • Three separate mist settings for the vapor
  • Five timer settings
  • Speakers that can be attached to any MP3 player or iPod
  • Low level LED lights with an on and off feature
  • Advanced diffusing technology and energy-saving features
  • A modern natural look that matches any decor

All of these features provide you with an aromatherapy ultrasonic diffuser that is surely going to please. First, the rotating and multi-directional nozzle allows you to enjoy your diffuser, no matter where you are sitting or lying down. The vapor mist will be directed your way for an enjoyable aromatherapy experience.

And when you want to turn it off, the handy remote control means you do not have to get up from your comfortable position. Simply touch the button and it will go off for you. Sometimes you want full mist and sometimes a little will do you so having three separate vapor mist settings is a great way to get just enough from your aromatherapy diffuser.

The five timer settings helps if you only want to enjoy your diffuser for a short time or a longer period of time, without having to continually turn it on. What better way to enjoy your aromatherapy diffuser ultrasonic experience than to hook it up to your MP3 player?

Enjoy your favorite soft music while getting all the benefits of your ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser—it will make the experience even more rewarding. The LED lights are bright enough to see your diffuser, without interrupting the mood and atmosphere of the moment. The advanced diffuser technology with its energy-saving features means your ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser is not wasted—or the oils inside of it. Finally, the sleek modern design in a neutral color will surely go with any room in your house.

What Buyers Like About the Product

 People who purchased the ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser from Floracopeia loved the product.

Their main reasons were:

  • The great scent it created in the house
  • The easy clean up
  • The built-in features and remote control
  • The all around look of the diffuser

Whatever essential oil buyers decided to use, this diffuser brought the beautiful scent out, without being too overpowering. And when they were done with it, the diffuser was easy to clean up so it looked brand new.

The timers, mist settings and remote control all provided a tremendous level of convenience for people which they absolutely loved. The look of the diffuser was also a big hit, as even the most finicky tastes were pleasantly surprised how nicely it fit into their home’s motif.

What Buyers Do Not Like About the Product 

While some people loved the ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser by Floracopeia, some were not as thrilled with the product.

Some of the reasons for their dissatisfaction included:

  • The high price ($199.95)
  • Some scents were too overpowering
  • Only one color available

Nearly two hundred dollars is a lot for a diffuser and for some, it was just too high. This was probably the biggest complaint people had with the product.

Another problem buyers had was with the strong scent of some of the oils. Each essential oil is different, so it is merely a matter of finding one that you like that is not so overpowering. People like options and only offering this diffuser in one color was a sore spot for some. Having to choose among a few different colors would be preferable.


If you are in the market for a diffuser, Floracopeia’s ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser is worth a look. Even though it is priced on the high side, its many features are well worth it. And since aromatherapy is said to strengthen your immune system and provide mood-enhancing effects, you surely cannot put a price tag on those types of benefits.

Natural Perfumes and Essential Oils from Floracopeia

Floracopeia produces natural perfumes and essential oils that are in a class of their own.

This is the case because the products by Floracopeia are specially made and they are completely natural. An advantage that a consumer will get from these products is that they are at a reasonable cost because of the effort that the company has gone forth to see that the products get from the production point to the sale in the market. The absence of intermediaries sees to it that the prices are maintained at a minimal level to leave their prices at a reasonable level for the buyers that are in the market. The materials used to make the products are collected from many parts of the world and they all have different fragrances and different medicinal values. The addition of these products in the market sees to it that there are healthy alternatives to the use of different products like cosmetics, natural perfumesessential oils, exotic oils, and hydrosols.

The plants used to manufacture the Floracopeia products are rare in different areas and agriculturalists are advised to keep up with the production of the many products that are available in the market. This has ensured that the plants are not cleared from the rain forests and other bushes to give away land for other uses but has worked as a means to preserve the special needed plants in the ecology. The plants produce seeds, barks, leaves, flowers, and roots that are used in the manufacture of various different products in the market. What happens is that one or more raw materials can be used in the production of a product and major attempts have been made not to include any synthesized components in the products. This move has helped to alleviate the possibility of having people having allergic reactions towards the products. Other than the allergies, the natural makeup ensures that the products are very healthy for the body.

The Essential oils are some of the products manufactured by Floracopeia.

They have a number of different essential oils in the market like Cinnamon oil, Eucalyptus oil, Lavender oil, Lemon oil, Pine oil, Rose oil, and others too. The variety of oils in the market allow you to choose one that is good for a specific use and also one that is of your liking when it comes to the fragrance. They have a range of both common and unique botanical oil species in the market. The replacement of these oils for use in the market for both household use and industrial use had made the reputation of the oils to grow and Floracopeia provides the samples of oils that you need for use. The essential oils produced are concentrated and powerful thus they should be used in the correct measure often as outlined in the instructions for use for the best results. In addition, they can be diluted and added to the bath waters or in saunas for a relaxed feeling for the ones using the products.

There are natural perfumes that are produced from the plant species by Floracopeia.

Examples of these are White lotus attar, White ginger lily, Vetiver attar, Saffron attar, Rose attar dram, Jasmine oil night blooming dram, and many others. The perfumes have very many different uses in the humans and they are beneficial as they are natural. They perform a series of functions from relieving stress, heightening erotic pleasure, balancing emotions, renewing energy, and inspiration. The natural perfumes are uniquely made from natural materials and when applied they melt away and get absorbed by the skin leaving a good feeling on the individual wearing the perfume. They come in different fragrances that evoke different feelings in individuals thus making their use important for different functions. You can use them in different ways and be sure that these traditional perfumes will work wonders for you. They will give you an overall good health that everyone badly needs.

If your a first time customer at Floracopeia be sure to enter during checkout for 25% off discount code:  sublime

Visit the official website today…

BodyByVi Review 3 Month Update

Since my first post of the BodyByVi review

My girlfriend and I have been using Visalus now for 3 months! And we are doing great!! She already became eligible to get the free BMW! We just need to find a little time to pick one out for her. Oh, and BMW just created a new color just for Visalus Sciences! So, you have the option to pick 3 colors! Black, silver, and the new Visalus green! Check out the BMW picture. That green looks awesome!!

Besides the whole Visalus BMW thing, we have been feeling great!! Everything we do is a good positive experience because we both feel great! She has lost some weight and is already hearing people saying how much thinner and vibrant she looks.

On my part of this, my goal was to possibly gain a few pounds and help my girl out with getting her BMW. I have gained just a couple of pounds, have not kept as consistent with Visalus products as my girl has, but I am feeling great and having friends telling me that I seem much happier compared to the past few years!

Over the past few months, I have noticed that my girlfriend is keeping to Visalus Vi-Shape Shake Mix fairly consistently, since it’s more convenient for her to make a shake than having to cook a full breakfast! But you do need a blender if you truly want the convenience of it. We picked up a small ninja blender with 3 blending units for $60 at Bed Bath and Beyond! It works good and it’s super easy to clean! You just rinse and put on a drying rack. It’s so nice not having my girlfriend make a huge mess for breakfast! 

As for the products, in my opinion after using it for a while, Visalus Sciences truly has created an excellent line of products that not only taste much better, but also have much better results compared to other products.

The Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake Mix: is a protein shake mix that comes with a little spoon in the package. It smells and tastes like vanilla cake mix. It can be mixed with a wide variety of foods and drinks and can be flavored with almost anything (healthy flavor packets are also available). It has concentrated vitamins and minerals. For all you interested in the proteins, Vi-Shape contains Tri-Sorb proteins, Tri-Sorb is a proprietary blend of 3 high quality non genetically modified proteins, along with digestive enzymes for maximum absorption to support lean muscle. Vi-Shape also contains fiber, so it does make you more regular if you are not currently.

The Vi-pak Dietary Supplement: is divided into two different types of packet assortments that last for a month. 30 yellow packets with 4 large pills that you take in the morning. And 30 blue packets with two large pills that you take at night. It has Multi Mineral and Vitamins, anti-aging and energy, omega vitals, and supercharged antioxidants. People who I know that use these multi-vitamin packets, swear by them! I’m not kidding… for example, one of my friends who takes the Vi-pak, says that when she started taking it, her migraines completely went away, and till this day she has no headaches or migraines. On my behalf, the Visalus Shake Mix seems to be enough for my body.

The NEURO Dietary supplement: Comes in a small box of 15 Individual serving packets that you can take on the go for instant energy. Visalus NEURO awakens your brain and makes you feel sharper. You can poor it into a 19oz water bottle and is available in 2 flavors. I don’t really use this product, since the Vi-Shake Mix seems to do the trick for me. But I do recommend anyone who needs a good kick. NEURO takes the edge off, and you don’t get bad breath, like “dragon breath” that coffee creates.

The Nutra-Cookie Mini Meal: Is a cookie snack for when you really can’t make a Vi-Shake. My girlfriend brings a few with her sometimes when we know we won’t be able to consume healthy products. Nutra-cookies come in 3 flavors, oatmeal, chocolate chip, and peanut butter. Each cookie is really filling! And two Nutra-Cookies equals to one shake. So, the cookies are very convenient also for meal replacement.

The Visalus Pro Dietary Supplement: Is a new product that just came out. It’s more focused towards people who work out or exercise. When consumed, it will help you go harder and longer during the workout, and it can be consumed the same way as the NEURO dietary supplement. It is also recommended that you use it Visalus Pro with Visalus NEURO.

The Vi-Trim Clear Control: Is geared towards people who get hungry a little bit after they have their shake or individuals that excessively crave food. Visalus Vi-trim has no flavor and its caffeine free, so it can be mixed into any of your favorite beverages.

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