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BodyByVi Review 3 Month Update

Since my first post of the BodyByVi review

My girlfriend and I have been using Visalus now for 3 months! And we are doing great!! She already became eligible to get the free BMW! We just need to find a little time to pick one out for her. Oh, and BMW just created a new color just for Visalus Sciences! So, you have the option to pick 3 colors! Black, silver, and the new Visalus green! Check out the BMW picture. That green looks awesome!!

Besides the whole Visalus BMW thing, we have been feeling great!! Everything we do is a good positive experience because we both feel great! She has lost some weight and is already hearing people saying how much thinner and vibrant she looks.

On my part of this, my goal was to possibly gain a few pounds and help my girl out with getting her BMW. I have gained just a couple of pounds, have not kept as consistent with Visalus products as my girl has, but I am feeling great and having friends telling me that I seem much happier compared to the past few years!

Over the past few months, I have noticed that my girlfriend is keeping to Visalus Vi-Shape Shake Mix fairly consistently, since it’s more convenient for her to make a shake than having to cook a full breakfast! But you do need a blender if you truly want the convenience of it. We picked up a small ninja blender with 3 blending units for $60 at Bed Bath and Beyond! It works good and it’s super easy to clean! You just rinse and put on a drying rack. It’s so nice not having my girlfriend make a huge mess for breakfast! 

As for the products, in my opinion after using it for a while, Visalus Sciences truly has created an excellent line of products that not only taste much better, but also have much better results compared to other products.

The Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake Mix: is a protein shake mix that comes with a little spoon in the package. It smells and tastes like vanilla cake mix. It can be mixed with a wide variety of foods and drinks and can be flavored with almost anything (healthy flavor packets are also available). It has concentrated vitamins and minerals. For all you interested in the proteins, Vi-Shape contains Tri-Sorb proteins, Tri-Sorb is a proprietary blend of 3 high quality non genetically modified proteins, along with digestive enzymes for maximum absorption to support lean muscle. Vi-Shape also contains fiber, so it does make you more regular if you are not currently.

The Vi-pak Dietary Supplement: is divided into two different types of packet assortments that last for a month. 30 yellow packets with 4 large pills that you take in the morning. And 30 blue packets with two large pills that you take at night. It has Multi Mineral and Vitamins, anti-aging and energy, omega vitals, and supercharged antioxidants. People who I know that use these multi-vitamin packets, swear by them! I’m not kidding… for example, one of my friends who takes the Vi-pak, says that when she started taking it, her migraines completely went away, and till this day she has no headaches or migraines. On my behalf, the Visalus Shake Mix seems to be enough for my body.

The NEURO Dietary supplement: Comes in a small box of 15 Individual serving packets that you can take on the go for instant energy. Visalus NEURO awakens your brain and makes you feel sharper. You can poor it into a 19oz water bottle and is available in 2 flavors. I don’t really use this product, since the Vi-Shake Mix seems to do the trick for me. But I do recommend anyone who needs a good kick. NEURO takes the edge off, and you don’t get bad breath, like “dragon breath” that coffee creates.

The Nutra-Cookie Mini Meal: Is a cookie snack for when you really can’t make a Vi-Shake. My girlfriend brings a few with her sometimes when we know we won’t be able to consume healthy products. Nutra-cookies come in 3 flavors, oatmeal, chocolate chip, and peanut butter. Each cookie is really filling! And two Nutra-Cookies equals to one shake. So, the cookies are very convenient also for meal replacement.

The Visalus Pro Dietary Supplement: Is a new product that just came out. It’s more focused towards people who work out or exercise. When consumed, it will help you go harder and longer during the workout, and it can be consumed the same way as the NEURO dietary supplement. It is also recommended that you use it Visalus Pro with Visalus NEURO.

The Vi-Trim Clear Control: Is geared towards people who get hungry a little bit after they have their shake or individuals that excessively crave food. Visalus Vi-trim has no flavor and its caffeine free, so it can be mixed into any of your favorite beverages.

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Body By Vi Reviews For The 90 Day Challenge

3 Month Update with more in-depth analysts of the products… 90 Challenge Body by Vi Review

My girlfriend started this Body By Vi Challenge about 3 weeks ago, and she seems to be doing great! She is even enjoying the different options that Body by Vi has. I am also using the product to help with my energy level and to hopefully build muscle, so I figured I’d write up my own Body By Vi Reviews and share our Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge here.

Ok on with my Body By Vi Reviews…

Yeah! At first, I was thinking, “oh great! Another diet” I just didn’t want to tell her to get off of “another” diet. Yeah, that’s right, I actually had to tell her to stop one time because she seemed miserable with headaches, always hungry, and overall feeling like crap. So, I didn’t believe that this new product would work, but it does! Because I have just started this about a week ago myself, and I feel good! I feel like I have more energy during the day without wanting soda or any kind of caffeine product. I’m not exactly a new user of granulated protein products, and after all these years I have gone through most of the products professional’s use, and finally ended up with “Muscle Milk” for complete health and nutrition. In my opinion, Body By Vi easily compares or even exceeds Muscle Milk or any other protein product on the market for complete nutrition. Body By Vi shakes are even a meal replacement, so it’s really easy to have breakfast.

By the way! Breakfast is definitely the most important. My girlfriend and I have both noticed that, when we consume all the proper nutrients in the morning “within 1 hour of waking up”, we both have a much better day. Here is an example, we have both noticed that when we don’t eat breakfast with enough nutrients on a normal timeline, we both get snippy with each other by lunch time, then we notice that we are both, all of a sudden desperate for food because of hunger pains. With Body By Vi products, we feel completely the opposite! On an everyday basis, we both feel great! So, there is no snapping at each other, no arguments, just a calm relaxed environment where we both think clearly with abundant and positive energy. 

Now, don’t be fooled. Everyone loses and gains weight/muscle differently… right? And after doing a little more research, I’m noticing a trend on what other people have lost. Men seem to have lost weight quicker than women in most cases, where men are losing between 50 to 70lbs compared to 30 to 50lbs that women lost after the Body By Vi 90-day challenge. Just look at all the promos and videos from these Body By Vi reviews and you will get a sense of what to expect for yourself when you decide to buy this product.

The Body By Vi Challenge seems to be more geared toward weight loss, so a lot of people instantly stereotype it as just another diet. But in fact, they do that so they can say “that you save money on monthly food”, since you would be replacing most of your meals with meal replacement shakes. This is true, you do actually spend less money if you are “dieting”. But for gaining muscle, you do spend a bit more money on top of your daily meals, because for weight gain Body By Vi Protein is just a supplement, just like any other protein powder is. But in fact, Body Bi Vi Protein exceeds all the other products by a long shot since it has tri proteins, concentrated vitamins, much less sugar, and cost about half as much on a monthly basis as most other protein products on the market. So, for gaining muscle, no matter what, you are still spending more money on protein supplements, but with Body By Vi, you will spend less compared to other protein supplements.

Body By Visalus offers 4 different kits. Balance Kit, Shape Kit, Core Kit, Transformation Kit, along with side products like Vi-pak, NEURO energy drink mix, and really tasty cookies! And there is even an option to get Body By Vi products for free! This option does require you to put down a payment of $499 and be a part of a team that promotes this product. But the cool thing is, when you join, you start getting people under you that promote also, and if you get enough of these people, you start getting Body By Vi for free. Get even more people under you and get a Free Black BMW all paid for every month. Yes! No joke peoples! How do I know this? Well…… because my girlfriend is more than halfway to getting her own BMW, she already gets the product for free, and she should be getting a paycheck in the mail any day now. Aw man!! I’ll be so glad not to work on her cars anymore!!

Now here is a little confession of my own. My girlfriend got me into selling Visalus products a little more than a week ago, and I only have one person under me (as a coordinator), that “SHE” gave me! She got 7 coordinators under her in a week! So, she got all kinds of bonuses that pay back the money for what she spent on the Visalus Transformation Kit. So, to be honest, I haven’t been as lucky promoting this to people as she has, and I have ten times more time to do this than she does. But everyone I know is a little smarter than that, so they instantly call me a scammer. Now listen to me here; The Body By Vi Scam is not true! This is a legitimate product and program you make money from.

So in comparison to my girlfriend and I with the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge:

She is working on losing 20 lbs in 90 days and wants a BMW. I on the other hand, need to gain some muscle and don’t care about the BMW. But would be nice to get my money back and have this product sent to me for free. She gets more people under her in a shorter time, which gives her bonuses. I on the other hand, have not even gotten even one person by myself yet within a week, and have only one person under me. So, no bonus’s for me just yet.

The point is, that yes you can get this product and a BMW for free, and more… But not everyone will be as successful as the next, since this is really up to your contacts, and how much they are willing to turn to a healthier lifestyle. So, on my side, I can barely get a person under me or even sell this product. On my girlfriend’s side, she barely lifts a finger, and she sells, sells, sells! So, if you do want to get this product for free and interested in possibly getting a free BMW or even a monthly paycheck, make sure you have “lots of good references and contacts” before you fork out $499 for the ESS 3 for the free stars and cars package. Otherwise, you will struggle getting people, (coordinators) under you.

Now if you are not interested in all this sales game stuff, then you can always just be a customer and buy one of the kits every month. Believe me, it’s worth trying! You WILL feel the difference.

What can you lose anyway?……….weight?

More Body by Vi reviews coming soon!

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