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DaVinci has just released a few details of Ascent Vaporizer, their next vaporizer due for release in this month March 2019. Here’s what we know so far:

  • Dual mouthpiece
  • 4-hour battery life
  • All glass vapor path
  • Will vaporize oils & herbs
  • Smaller than an iPhone
  • Functional OLED screen

The manufacturer has since expanded on some of the details; the device will feature a retractable glass straw, which is what’s meant by ‘dual mouthpiece’, giving the user two options when it comes to operating the device.

The Ascent Vaporizer will contain two removable rechargeable lithium-ion batteries giving 4 hours of usage. Which is extremely impressive, especially given the size of the Ascent. The chamber will work through conduction, in a very similar style to the original DaVinci vaporizer, but with improved heat up time.

Apparently, the ascent vaporizer will come apart easily to allow for cleaning, and the glass airway is also replaceable. More details and images will be released soon but so far, it’s sounding like it could be a game-changing device.

A great feature is that it has an all glass airway and retractable glass straw, which will make transporting the device less of a pain. We’ll have to wait and see if it works well in practice once released.

Many people find hands-free digital vaporizers essential to their health care. For those who seek the aromatherapy benefits of breathing in the vapor from herbs, these machines are invaluable. Using herbs that are generally smoked can create harmful byproducts. This process eliminates the dangers.  It can be this easy.

  1. Choose a ventilated and comfortable area in which to set up your vaporizer.
  2. Plug the 2-amp fuse into the rear of the unit.
  3. Turn on the unit. Allow 15 minutes for the unit to “burn off” any oils resulting from the manufacturer. In the future, you will only need to warm for three to 10 minutes prior to use.
  4. Set the temperature by using the knob located on the front of the unit. A digital readout will display. Experiment with different temperature settings to find that which is most comfortable. Allow time for the vaporizer to reach the selected temperature.
  5. Fill your vapor whip with the ground-up matter. This is the glass handpiece that connects with the tubing. Loosely pack your herbal material to no more than 1/3 of the bowl volume. Use a pen or pencil to pack the material into the glass piece.
  6. Place the vapor whip over the iron element once the desired temperature is reached (check display).
  7. Inhale while the glass is over the heating element. Take a relatively slow and continuous breath, release the glass from the element and exhale. This will allow for the tube to be cleared. With practice, you will learn how fast and how much to inhale for best effect.
  8. Clean your digital hands-free vaporizer frequently. Remove the glass from the tubing and run hot water through it. Occasionally soak the glass and tubing in alcohol overnight. Use a lighter to burn it off any resin. Replace worn parts as necessary.

The V.i.P mini vaporizer oil vaporizer is a pocket-sized, constant temperature controlled heating system designed to turn your choice of pure essential oils into vapor. The V.i.P operates well below the temperature required to reach combustion, thus it creates no smoke. Instead, the V.i.P heats material just enough to release the aroma & essence.

The V.i.P mini oil vaporizer uses a microchip controlled voltage technology to ensure overheating does not occur. This eliminates the majority of negative side effects associated with combustion. This process of vaporization releases the active elements of the material without any burning. This produces NO smoke, little to no tar, or any other toxic elements.

  • Patent pending “Atomizer bowl” efficiently produces large amounts of vapor and minimizes cleaning.
  • Fully enclosed all electric heating; no lighter fluid or flame required.
  • Intelligent LED provides visual feedback to remaining battery life.
  • The mouthpiece is made of food grade, temperature-stable aluminum.
  • The larger borehole in mouthpiece provides maximum airflow.
  • Cartridge-free, user-refillable design enhances reliability and simplifies use.
  • Heats instantly; ready at the push of a button.
  • Works at all altitudes and wind conditions.
  • Long lasting all metal construction.
  • Available in attractive custom colors with seasonal variability and unique designs.
  • Rigorously tested for safety and efficacy.

Included in the kit:

  • VIP Mini Battery
  • Two VIP Mini Atomizers
  • USB Charger
  • Travel Case

The Lotus vaporizer is the next big thing in the portable vaporizer market and VaporStore is now the EXCLUSIVE, online retailer for this product! The Lotus vaporizer combines the best features between the Essential Vaaap Vaporizer, Vapman Vaporizer, and the VaporGenie Vaporizer.

The Lotus Vaporizer utilizes the heating technology of the Vapman. The durability of the Essential Vaporizer and the efficiency of the VaporGenie to create one of the best vaporizing experiences you’ve ever had! The heating plate has a lotus design on the top which is your designated burn area.

This vaporizer MUST be used with a jet-flame lighter to be work effectively, much like the Vapman. The heat is applied at the top of the plate (heat exchanger) while air intake happens on the bottom of the plate.

This is important because the butane shot out through the jet-flame lighter will rise and not be inhaled as the air intake is not close to the exhaust of the flames, which is an upgraded improvement from the Vaporgenie. The heat exchanger can be removed and is attached by a magnet – a one-of-a-kind and innovative design! The breathing chamber (aluminum stem) is manufactured from hard anodized aluminum, similar to that of the Essential Vaaap.

Heat-up time is about 2 seconds and cool-down time is instantaneous. Because of the high-quality design and construction of the Lotus, there are no metal, plastic or wood flavors in the vapor. This nifty little vaporizer is truly innovative and improves on some of the ideas and aspects of other popular, portable vaporizer models!

If you’re looking for a quick, efficient and portable vaporizer, look no further, the Lotus is for you!

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